Gator Head - 6 to 9 foot Wild alligator - Large


$ 39.99

Wild Alligator Head are large heads from alligators that were 6 foot or longer, up to 12 feet in some cases.  Any size over 9 foot, you must call to order. Wild alligator heads are obtained from processing plants once annually during the alligator hunting season.
These are sized by footage of the whole alligator, and become rare in larger sizes.

The actual size of the head depends on the length of the alligator, and longer alligators have wider heads.  Size is gauged by measuring the distance from the nostril to the middle of the eye ridge.  1 inch equals 1 foot.  So a 6 foot gator head will be longer than 6 inches. 

***Please note, due to an increase in manufacturing costs these heads no longer come with black felt on the back and bottom of the head.***

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