Alligator Heads

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Farm raised Alligator Heads are smaller and sized by total length of the item. 

Wild Heads are from 6-12 foot alligators, and are rare in larger sizes.

All of our alligator heads are  from processors that harvested them for the meat and hide. The head and feet area a by-product which has been preserved and made into a unique gift.

These alligator heads are unique gifts which are taxidermied and covered by black felt on the back and bottom of the heads.

The actual size of the alligator can be estimated accurately by measuring the distance from the nostril to the middle of the eye ridge.  1 inch equals 1 foot.  So a 4 inch measurement from the top of the eye to the tip of the nostril means the head comes from a 4 foot alligator.  There is no overlap in sizes between farm raised alligator heads and the larger wild alligator heads.