About Us

June Bug’s Cajun Gifts

Making genuine alligator gifts since 1984.

In 1983 our founder, H. J. “June Bug” Willis, Jr. worked as a hunter’s helper and skinner. When he asked what to do with the alligator heads, he was told to throw them away. Instead of disposing of the byproduct of hunting, he kept the gator heads. From these he produced preserved skulls and created jewelry. June Bug’s Cajun Gifts began the alligator novelty gift industry in 1984. We are the oldest provider of alligator novelty gifts. Today we are a wholesale business with a customer base of more than five hundred locations.

Our original web site was www.June-Bugs.com, and you can still find us there today. In 2011 we registered a new domain name that more closely reflects our core product. www.GatorHeads.com 

All of our alligator products are made from by-products of alligator hunting and farming. We do not hunt or farm alligators.