Gator Head - Farm raised - small


$ 16.99

Farm raised Alligator Heads are smaller and sized by total length of the item. Size may be more or less by one half inch (+/- 1/2 inch).  Farm heads can be between 5 inches and 10 inches, and are available year round.  They may be rare in larger and smaller sizes, depending on the time of the year.

This is a taxidermied alligator head. The gator was raised on a farm and harvested for the meat and hide. The head and feet area a by-product which has been preserved and made into a unique gift.

The actual size of the alligator can be estimated accurately by measuring the distance from the nostril to the middle of the eye ridge.  1 inch equals 1 foot.  So a 4 inch measurement from the top of the eye to the tip of the nostril means the head comes from a 4 foot alligator.

***Please note, due to an increase in manufacturing costs these heads no longer come with black felt on the back and bottom of the head.***

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